Tracks How Many Consumers Enter The Designated Zone

CountWise is the global people counting solution helping businesses to streamline their business practices and improve efficiency and profitability. With a real time understanding of how many customers are in your establishment and how long they are waiting before being serviced, you can make the improvements you need for success. With Z-Count technology, you can track how many customers enter the designated zone for increased business optimization. You can use Z-Count in your business to improve staff to customer ratios, enhance product positioning, and improve resource allocation and in-store marketing effectiveness.

Next Generation Solutions Today

Z-Count customer counting technology is a leading edge technology solution that was developed by leveraging industrial and military video imaging. Z-Count is protected with 10 patents and each solution offers up to 5 separate detection zones which can be configured remotely. Z-Count has the capability to support a variety of different protocols of data communication. These can be used for third party applications such as Point of Sale, the corporate legacy platform, or for transfer to back office applications.

Features & Benefits of Z-Count Technology:

  • Increases conversion rates
  • Improves sales effectiveness
  • Assists in regulating and evaluating in-store traffic
  • Real time monitoring of designated in-store locations
  • Tracks the effectiveness of product placement, store layout, and design
  • Identifies customer behavior patterns inside of the store
  • Automatically filters out loitering traffic
  • Identifies true potential visitors to be catered to

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