Counting traffic is a practice that may benefit any business or organization. The number of people walking into your establishment typically indicates that you are doing enough to grab some attention. Comparing your total quantity of visitors against the sum of your sales gives your conversion rate—a truly invaluable piece of information showing a glimpse of your business’s actual performance. If you are looking for an advanced and affordable people counting system, CountWise is the only place to go. We are considered as the true global authority in visitor count technology, serving the needs of a large variety of industries. Our innovative products can be found in virtually every form of businesses, from retail, transportation, banking, and gambling. We have the perfect solution to cover your strict and demanding requirements.

Measuring Success One Visitor at a Time

The engineers and specialists at CountWise take great pride in the supreme capabilities of our customer counting solutions. Our patented Shape Recognition Technology (SRT™), for example, has an impressive accuracy rate of 95% in collecting data correctly. This means that we are the most qualified team to tally the traffic of any business, regardless of the time or season. Our software suite and counters are state-of-the-art, each equipped with an amazing set of unique features. This diversity allows us to offer our products to a variety of industries without compromising the precision of the calculations. It also means that business owners can access key figures based on the specific variables of their field.

Excellent Visitor Counting Solutions Only from the World’s Best

We use our expertise in visitor count to cater to your demands. Our company is home to an experienced team of specialists adept at resolving practically every people counting challenge. Innovation and customer service are two of our strongest suits. You can rest assured you'll get cutting-edge solution and exceptional support from our professionals when you work with us.

Pricing No Rival Can Beat

We strive to keep our pricing competitive to give you more value for your money. Despite being the partner of industry-leading companies across the world, we want to keep our prices to the minimum to suit the budget constraints of smaller businesses. When it comes to getting the most accurate picture of your company’s health, entrust your needs only in the hands of the most reliable name in visitor count. Contact us today for questions or inquiries you might have regarding the use or effectiveness of our products.