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What is a Traffic Counting System?

Traffic Counting System1Industries of all types use traffic customer counting systems to manage and analyze the people who enter and exit a building, store, or office. CountWise provides innovative and reliable customer counting systems, most notably to retail spaces. We proudly design and manufacture advanced counting systems that provide accurate counts and help businesses manage their count data.

Our counting systems suit the needs of the location. Our systems have several types of counters, including:

  • Overhead sensors
  • Horizontal beam-type sensors
  • Uni-directional door counters
  • Bi-directional door counters
  • Wireless technology

Traffic Counting System2When a customer enters a retail store, they trigger an electronic beam that starts the count. Each time a person crosses the beam, the system counts them. Then, the system tracks when the business is busiest. Some systems, such as the unidirectional counters, do not differentiate between when someone enters or exits, they measure your clients in one direction and their path. After a quick analysis, the software reports to retailers how many customers entered the store. That record can ensure you with an ideal number of visitors. It’s easy to determine by dividing the number by two, as those who enter have to exit. Businesses that need to know whether customers are coming or going can use directional counting systems. These work better than unidirectional counters as they provide real-time occupancy numbers.

How Does a Traffic Counter Work?

Traffic counters generally need a few components. First, they need electricity to power the electric beam that customers walk through when they enter and exit a building. Then, the systems need sensors and connections that attach them to a computer system. Customers who purchase traffic counters will also need apps to analyze the data collected. These technologies can measure and display their analysis to you in the best experience their people counting software can offer.

Do I Need a Traffic Counting System?

Traffic Counting System3Businesses benefit from using traffic counting systems. This system is designed to count customers and visitors, so businesses can determine the busy times and work on proper staffing. Businesses can also track conversions as some counting systems collect traffic data on how many customers enter, exit, and make purchases.

If traffic data matters to your business, then a traffic counter system can help you gather more data to learn about your business operations. When you know how many customers enter your store and how many make a purchase, you can better train your employees, staff your store, keep everybody happy and improve your conversion numbers.

Without data to analyze, you don’t know where the opportunities and solutions for improvement from your sales staff are or the areas that are resulting in success.

What is the Most Common Type of Traffic Counting System?

Traffic Counting System4Retail stores and shopping malls use retail traffic counters so they can staff appropriately. Many businesses consider several factors when choosing the best system for their needs. The easiest system is the horizontal beam sensor that counts people as they cross through any given space.

Horizontal beam sensors reach as wide as 15 feet, so they can manage large shopping mall entrances and retail store entrances. However, retail stores with swinging doors cannot use horizontal sensors, because the door triggers them, altering the count.

Stores that have displays near the door find more success with overhead detectors. Although, keep in mind that those need to be connected to networks to get an accurate count.

Businesses that need accurate hourly counts use a bi-directional counter that counts people coming and going. Businesses that need daily counts can use the uni-directional counter as they can easily divide the total by two to get an accurate daily count.

How Can Customer Counting Traffic Data Be Used to Improve Business Performance?

A top reason that businesses benefit from customer counting systems is to track busy and slow times. For example, mass transport uses traffic counting systems to measure and track when they need the most buses and trains moving through the system to keep people moving at busy times of the day. They also know when they can put vehicles to bed for the night.

Retail and supermarkets can use traffic counting systems as solutions to help them better staff their stores. During busy times, supermarkets need more cashiers and security. But, during slow times, they can reduce staffing.

A retail store can use counting systems to determine conversion rates at different hour of the day. If 100 people enter and only 10 make a purchase, then there is an area of improvement and the business can use their foot traffic data to figure out how to increase the conversion percentage. Retail store managers were happy with the software and they suggest that shopping malls can use retail traffic counter to properly staff and secure the space.

In the financial sector, tracking helps with staffing so the customer doesn't have to wait too long for assistance. Appropriate staffing helps build loyalty, as customers appreciate not having to wait. A traffic counting system can help banks understand how long customers wait in line, and determine what is appropriate and what is too long. Without traffic counting devices and other technologies, banks have to guess at their busy times and fully staff the branches all day long.

Track Your Customers with CountWise Traffic Counters

At CountWise, our people-counting technology can help your business find more success by providing you with the best experience that our technologies can display to you, and our counter is designed to help retailers and make them happy . We can help and improve your business by determining what type of system provides the foot traffic data you need. We ensure that our expert team will listen to your needs and budget, then help you choose the right traffic counting system solutions for your business. Our success is due to the combined efforts of many people. You can always submit the form below to try our demo.

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