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Queue Management System

A queue management system is paramount for any retail outlet. Many business owners and managers do not realize the great importance of managing checkout lines. They focus their attention on attracting customers to the store and ignore the buying experience when they evaluate customer satisfaction.

It is easy to think that when a customer gets into a line, a sale is guaranteed. But what happens if a customer is in a hurry and the line is moving slowly? What happens if the customer forms a negative opinion of your store and service because their valuable time was wasted waiting to buy your products? These things can lead to customer annoyance and frustration. They may decide not to return to your store after their purchase, or they may abandon the line altogether and leave without making a purchase.

Any establishment that deals with large quantities of customers every day must put time and effort into managing checkout lines. Poorly-operated checkouts lead to a poor customer experience, which is always bad for business.

CountWise is here to make your checkout lines run smoothly. As a global leader in the people counting industry, we offer you a cutting-edge system to take your queue management to the next level and make sure that every customer who joins a queue makes it to the counter.

Queue Management Solutions

The CountWise Queue Management System was designed to help retailers and other businesses adopt a customer-centric business model that prioritizes creating an optimal customer experience for every patron. By capturing and analyzing data around cash registers and customer service counters, you can learn vital information about how your customers experience your store.

Using a queue management system can help you identify your busiest times. By using the data you receive in real-time, you can make in-the-moment adjustments to ensure that every customer promptly gets the assistance they need. You will reduce wait times and get a high customer satisfaction score that will drive new customers to your store.

Investing in queue management is essential. It is also one of the best ways to get a good return on your investment. You will have the opportunity to fine-tune your customers' buying experience, making it as quick and enjoyable as possible. A customer who leaves your store happy is more likely to recommend your store to friends and family members than a customer who leaves feeling annoyed and frustrated. Your customers' time is precious and you will earn their loyalty and appreciation by providing a customer experience that values their time.

What is a Queue Management System?

Queue management systems are software systems that allow businesses to monitor visitors as they approach service points including cash registers and customer service desks. By monitoring the length of queues and how long shoppers remain in line, you can determine the proper service level for each day and hour that your business is open.

Developing a queue management strategy is the key to optimal performance. While some customers may not care about queue length, others may provide negative customer feedback online that is solely based on the amount of time they were in the queue. Over time, negative reviews hurt your business and your bottom line by eroding customer loyalty and incentivizing new customers to shop at your competitors’ locations.

Queuing solutions use sensors to count the traffic of people in line and measure how long they stay there. The data collected can be used to avoid over or understaffing your store.

A Pioneering in Queue Management Software Technology

The CountWise Queue Management System helps you overcome your queuing challenges. This system is a multi-lane, video-based platform that is the first of its kind. We take pride in the science behind our product. Created by our ingenious developers, this groundbreaking customer queue management software is patent protected and was designed from video-imaging and military technologies. CountWise queue solutions operate with complete compatibility with our powerful analytics tool, the Analyzer.

Why Customer Queue Management System Matters?

Why is it important to invest in a quality queueing system? Even if you think your store is doing an excellent job with queue management and customer service, there is always room for improvement.

Queue management is the key to improving key metrics in every area of your business, yet many retailers don't bother with queue solutions. This is a mistake because it can lead to overlooked potential problems that might be negatively impacting your customers and your staff. Thus, resulting in significant issues that reduce your profit margins down the line.

The right queuing solution goes beyond counting the number of people in line. Short queues aren't necessarily a good thing. By counting the number of customers in line and measuring the time they spend in line and at the register or service desk, you can better understand what your customers experience when they visit your store and how it impacts your sales and profits.

Customer waiting lines can dampen customers' enthusiasm as soon as they enter your store. Visitors who were hoping for a quick trip in and out might be discouraged if they see long lines. They may even turn around and leave. Using queueing solutions can help you create a positive first impression for your visitors, improve staff performance, and provide the best possible service to shoppers.

Key Benefits of CountWise Queue Management System

The CountWise customer queue management system has key benefits and capabilities that you will not find with any other queuing system. They include:

  • Tracking and measuring real-time, in-person interactions between customers and sales associates.
  • Providing in-the-moment insights into resource allocation
  • Offering up-to-the-minute data to optimize service management
  • Optimizing the customer experience and customer service counters
  • Decreasing the time customers wait for service
  • Increasing customer satisfaction scores
  • Improving customer retention

Companies that use CountWise Queue Management Solutions experienced:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Shorter customer waits
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increased transaction values
  • Increased profits

The right queuing system can help you run your business more efficiently while creating the best possible experience for shoppers.

Queue Management Solutions Case Study

We partnered with a large retail furniture chain to see if using CountWise software could help them improve the shopping experience for their customers. The data collected revealed that some areas of the store were not getting as much traffic because the store layout wasn't allowing it. It also revealed staffing issues as well as insights related to marketing campaigns and more.

With the insights provided by CountWise software, the retailer was able to:

  • Restructure the store layout based on traffic patterns and dwell times
  • Determine service intensity for each zone and department within the store
  • Improve customer service within departments and zones 

CountWise Solutions can do the same for your store.

Mind-Blowing Queue Management System Capabilities

The CountWise queue visitor counter is one of our smartest products today. Not only does it gather and transmit real-time images of people at checkout lines, but its recognition algorithms make it possible to calculate the standing and waiting times of customers in one or multiple lanes. The CountWise Queue Management System can distinguish shopping carts from customers and it does not count passers-by and staff members stationed at checkouts.