Monitors The Overall Desk Activity During A Specific Period

D-Count uses proprietary, leading edge technology to bring you a convenient and efficient method of tracking and monitoring service performance. This revolutionary, next generation technology was developed by using industrial and military video imaging technologies which are protected with 10 different patents. Each facet offers more than 5 different detection zones which can be remotely configured. D-Count technology supports a wide range of different protocols for data communication and for transfer back to office applications and third party applications like the corporate legacy platform and Point of Sale.

The Benefits and Features of D-Count Technology Include:

  • Improved customer checkout and counter experience
  • Increases the ability to upsell and cross sell
  • Provides transparency into customer service practices
  • Increases the productivity and efficiency of team members
  • Offers real time proactive service management
  • Increases conversion rates
  • Measures and tracks actual in-store behavior at the counter

D-Count Technology can be utilized across various industries including airports, banks, and in the public sector. D-Count allows you to know the amount of customers standing in line and the amount of time taken to service them within an accuracy of 95% or more. Our system counts the amount of shoppers in real time so you can enhance the productivity and efficiency of your retail establishment.

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Applicable Industries