Counting traffic is a practice that may benefit any business or organization. The number of people walking into your establishment typically indicates that you are doing enough to grab some attention. Comparing your total quantity of visitors against the sum of your sales gives your conversion rate—a truly invaluable piece of information showing a glimpse of your business’s actual performance. If you are looking for an advanced and affordable people counting system, CountWise is the only place to go. We are considered as the true global authority in visitor count technology, serving the needs of a large variety of industries. Our innovative products can be found in virtually every form of businesses, from retail, transportation, banking, and gambling. We have the perfect solution to cover your strict and demanding requirements.

Measuring Success One Visitor at a Time

The engineers and specialists at CountWise take great pride in the supreme capabilities of our solutions. Our patented Shape Recognition Technology (SRT™), for example, has an impressive accuracy rate of 95% in collecting data correctly. This means that we are the most qualified team to tally the traffic of any business, regardless of the time or season. Our software suite and counters are state-of-the-art, each equipped with an amazing set of unique features. This diversity allows us to offer our products to a variety of industries without compromising the precision of the calculations. It also means that business owners can access key figures based on the specific variables of their field.

Excellent Visitor Counting Solutions Only from the World’s Best

We use our expertise in visitor count to cater to your demands. Our company is home to an experienced team of specialists adept at resolving practically every people counting challenge. Innovation and customer service are two of our strongest suits. You can rest assured you'll get cutting-edge solution and exceptional support from our professionals when you work with us.

Pricing No Rival Can Beat

We strive to keep our pricing competitive to give you more value for your money. Despite being the partner of industry-leading companies across the world, we want to keep our prices to the minimum to suit the budget constraints of smaller businesses. When it comes to getting the most accurate picture of your company’s health, entrust your needs only in the hands of the most reliable name in visitor count. Contact us today for questions or inquiries you might have regarding the use or effectiveness of our products.

The use of traffic counting systems is beneficial to many industries. Be it transportation, banking, or the government, any establishment can be operated in a more streamlined manner by analyzing the number of people walking in and out of the building. While many organizations can find counters valuable, their use is mostly associated with retail. CountWise is the premier provider of innovative and reliable people counting systems worldwide. We design, manufacture, and develop the most advanced solutions in the sector. Our products and services are designed to produce accurate traffic counts and manage invaluable pieces of information for an extensive list of businesses, especially retail outlets. Our solutions generate numbers you can turn into profits through informed business decisions.

Prime Measure of Performance

Traffic is one of the surefire ways to gauge your store performance. Sales fluctuations can normally be understood by knowing the things you did right and those you did wrong. Apart from your total number of sales, it also pays to know how many of your customers made those purchases. Tracking and analyzing the quantity of visitors can show your efficiency in turning potential customers into paying patrons.

Sound Staffing Practices

A retail traffic counter allows you to strategize your staffing properly. This helps you ensure you have enough people to assist customers at all times and station fewer staff when unnecessary. Strategic scheduling of salespeople or representatives can lead to reduced overheads and better customer experience.

Smart Visual Merchandising

People counters help you measure the effectiveness of your signage. More traffic indicates that your eye-catching signs are doing their job, while a low number of visitors may tell you that your visual merchandising could be better. The possibilities are endless with apt counting solutions. Contact us today for inquiries and let's talk about your goals and requirements.

A queue management system is paramount for any retail outlet. Many business owners and managers do not realize the great importance of managing checkout lines. You may think that just because a customer falls in line, you are already guaranteed a sale; that kind of thinking is inaccurate in many cases. Certain customers have no patience waiting in long queues, and easily get annoyed and frustrated. For an establishment that deals with large quantities of customers every day, the need to manage checkout lines never goes away. Poorly-operated checkouts lead to unpleasant customer experience, which is always bad for business. CountWise is here to make your checkout lines run smoothly. As a global leader in the people counting industry, we offer you a cutting-edge system to take your queue management to the next level and make sure you keep practically every customer who joins a queue to the counter.

A Pioneering Technology

Our I-Count is the apt solution to help you overcome your queuing challenges. This is a multi-lane video-based platform that is the first of its kind. We take pride in the science behind our product. Made by our ingenious developers, this groundbreaking counter was developed out of video-imaging and military technologies and is protected by a variety of patents. The I-Count operates with complete compatibility with our powerful analytics tool, the Analyzer.

Mind-Blowing Capabilities

This counter is one of our smartest products today. Not only does it gather and transmit real-time images of people at checkout lines, but its recognition algorithms make it possible to calculate standing and waiting times of customers in one or multiple lanes. The I-Count has the ability to distinguish shopping carts from customers and it does not count passersby and staff stationed at checkouts. Leverage I-Count to boost your queue management. Contact us today for inquiries.

Customer traffic is the true measure of a store's marketing. Total sales is based on the sum of leads you generate, therefore the fewer people you attract, the lower your chances to make a profit. As there is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy you can implement to drive constant revenue, you need to understand your traffic trends while taking some variables into consideration, such as the weather and time of the day. Only by having a clear picture of your store traffic can you make informed business decisions that truly matter. Customer counting systems are the perfect solution to gather concrete store traffic data. Counters are just a small investment compared to the invaluable information you can get out of them. Regardless of the size of your establishment, whether it is a large-scale shopping mall or local convenience store, you can rely on the proven expertise of CountWise to meet your unique people counting needs with excellence.

Unequaled Solutions for All Applications

CountWise is a premier provider of exceptional counting products and services. Our solutions not only help you collect vital store traffic information, but also allow you to make sense of the data. We can separate the counts by time or by entrance and include other important factors to help you analyze your data with ease. We know no two establishments are built equal, thus the type of customer counter needed for an establishment varies. With our adept and experienced team of specialists, you can trust us to provide the perfect solution that will accurately count your store traffic no matter what your application.

Best-in-Class Customer Service

Our ability to deliver unparalleled customer service is the reason why we have been this successful in the business and considered as the authority in customer count. Our long list of high-profile clients around the world alone is a testament to the level of service we provide. Contact us today for inquiries and for more about our innovative solutions. Explore the rest of our website so that you can find out more about our diverse range of people counters. Don’t hesitate to contact us at your most convenient time for questions or inquiries regarding the operation or purpose of any of the products that we offer.

Real-time Occupancy Monitoring

Our real-time occupancy monitoring utilizes our iSense technology. It allows you to see exactly how many people are in a store, and if set up with a monitor or iPad, your customers can automatically know when they are allowed to enter the store or area. Real-time occupancy monitoring allows store to more easily follow social distancing guidelines, and state and local regulations.


People Traffic

Camera based technology enables the accurate counting of customers into and out of an areas or building. The solution can be a single lens I-Count camera using the very latest SRT (shape recognition technologies) vision algorithms or a multi lens 3D binocular solution, each solution is installed based on merit. The single lens (I-Count) camera is also compatible with the advanced multi solutioned NetCount device; when for example additional insights are required such as queuing or service desk monitoring.

Want to know

Queuing Time & Length

Camera based technologies enable the accurate monitoring of customers into and out of a queuing area, regardless of structured or unstructured. The solution can be a single lens camera (Q-Count) using the very latest SRT (shape recognition technologies) linking multiple cameras through the NetCount device, enabling larger areas to be covered economically; or a multi lens 3D binocular solution, each solution is installed based on merit. Insights can be delivered historically, or in real-time delivering alerts enabling staff to proactively react to changing needs.


Service Level Desk Monitoring

Camera based technologies enable the accurate monitoring of both the customer and the associate serving them. The solution can be a single lens camera (D-Count) using the very latest SRT (shape recognition technologies) linking multiple cameras through the NetCount device, enabling multiple service areas to be monitored economically; or a multi lens 3D binocular solution, each solution is installed based on merit. Insights can be delivered historically, or in real-time enabling staff to react to customer requirements or the changing needs of the business.


Zone & Area Monitoring

Camera based technologies enable the accurate monitoring of people into and out of a monitored zone. The solution can be a single lens camera (Z-Count) using the very latest SRT (shape recognition technologies) linking multiple cameras through the NetCount device, enabling larger areas to be covered economically; or a multi lens 3D binocular solution, each solution is installed based on merit. Insights gathered are used to justify costs and income generation from areas such as gondola ends and special areas of interest. The data can be delivered historically, or in real-time delivering alerts enabling staff to react.

Want to know

Netcount Multi Solution Platform

NetCount is an advanced multi layered proprietary device, designed and manufactured by ourselves to allow the integration of up-to four separate camera-based sensors; each with the capability of a different solution, from people traffic through to queue length monitoring. The advantage of the platform, is that for the first time a store or location can implement a number of solutions without the cost being prohibitive.



Beacon technology is a location-based technology which uses Bluetooth for communicating with beacon enabled devices like your smart phone. Beacon-triggered messages can be used to entice potential customers by sending a coupon or discount code. For retailers, this could provide the ability to reward customers for location-based actions. For example, if you walked past a store and your phone pinged with an offer, would it make you more or less likely to go inside.


Dwell Time & Customer Loyalty

Smart phone devices constantly ping the outside world in an attempt to reach a known wi-fi point or service antenna. Each time it does it identifies itself, whilst we don’t know who the device belongs to, we do know its repeat location history and the dwell time within monitored areas. By using Wi-Fi nodes, we can accurately monitor in location times as well as devices that just pass by and don’t enter. We can also identify loyalty to both the location and to the brand: As a smart phone is a personal item, the insights the data provides allow a client to understand how marketing activities effects new verse existing loyal customer.


Age & Gender Recognition

Facial camera technology has come a long way since its first introduction, we are now able to accurately understand the gender and approximate age as people approach or leave a location. The benefits of understanding if marketing activities are attracting the intended audience or not. Currently under development includes an emotion algorithm that will allow a greater understand of how a customer has perceived a location or event: did it make them, happy, sad, indifferent or excited.

Smarter Solutions For Your Business

We partner with our clients to reveal the customer journey, identify the opportunity whilst helping to improve customer service levels with smarter solutions and business analytics.

Our experience allows our clients to engage the customer throughout their journey; create, monitor and maintain core business KPI’s on that journey.