Case Study


Measuring shoppers through Preston’s Market Hall.

The new £4 million market hall in Preston provides a modern shopping experience in a glass and timber-clad structure. Located under the fantastic Victorian canopy the market is made up of traditional businesses including butchers, fishmongers, real ale and cheese mongers as well as a wide selection of hot food to go, cafes and real ale, all at fantastic prices. The redevelopment brings market life in Preston into the twentieth century whilst preserving its traditions and traders.

The requirements

The Market Hall covers a large area with several entrance and exit points. Despite this challenge, the management had to find a way of measuring the number of people visiting the market. In order to get the most accurate traffic management solution on the market, they approached CountWise.

A particular challenge was the fact that the market is set under a recently renovated Victorian Canopy.  Modifications needed to be seamless and unobtrusive in order to not spoil the heritage.  

The solution


The discreet cameras used in the CountWise system took care of both requirements in one go. Subtle and precise, the system meets the markets requirements, while providing the Preston Markets’ management team with the most accurate traffic management data in the world.

“The unobtrusive nature of the cameras has ensured the design of the market hall isn’t compromised.”

Using a unique video imaging shape-recognition technology in the I-Count system, the management now have a true view of the Markets’ footfall. The cameras can identify and separate human shapes and motions from the environment, and accurately identify when they are entering and exiting.

Thanks to their wide angle and innovative counting algorithm, only 6 cameras are required to cover every part of the market and to give the council management up-to-the-minute data.

The cameras, linked to sophisticated traffic management software, are placed at the six entrances and exits of the market hall. 

The benefits

“The data will be used to better understand footfall in the Market Hall and to help inform the marketing plan. It will be useful to accurately identity the busiest times of the day and week and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.“  

The future

Preston Market is just one example of how CountWise is assisting many indoor markets in the UK and around the world to monitor traffic in a consistent and accurate manner.

“A new cinema complex is due to be built next door to the new market hall in the coming years. The market will no doubt see increased footfall and as it grows we will look to work with CountWise if the system requires any development to incorporate changes this may bring.”