Case Study

global reach

Well Known Local Retailer with a Global Reach

This medium size retailer needed to accurately understand how many customers were visiting their stores worldwide, and therefore needed a partner that was not only able to provide worldwide coverage but be assured of a smooth installation process at all of their 266 stores. Accuracy of customer counting data was key to the client as they use the traffic and sales conversion to bonus local management.  

Goals included:

  • Understanding the traffic opportunity coming into their stores on an hourly basis
  • Identifying the source of traffic from either mall or street locations into their stores
  • Identifying buying units (couples/groups) coming into their stores
  • Understanding how weather and marketing campaigns impact on traffic counts
  • Identify peak traffic times vs peak sales times and staff accordingly


  • The i-Count Solution with is shape recognition was put forward to accurately monitor individual traffic and buying units into the stores
  • Our cloud-based Business Analytics Tool was deployed to allow our client to greater access and insights. The BI tool enables multi-level access across the client’s management hierarchy. The BI tool allows for the integration of additional data sets such as weather, marketing data, and POS data to create a rich picture of store performance.


  • Countwise installation worldwide went smoothly with a single project manager leading and coordinating all installs worldwide, through our own offices and our partner program.
  • Full understanding of total traffic and buying units for each store on an hourly basis
  • Window displays were changed to impact traffic from the street and or mall to their stores.
  • Increase of staff efficiency of 4 % over a 12-month period of time
  • An increase in sales conversion rates of over 8 % in the first 9-month period of time