Case Study

drmartens entrance

Calculating conversion rates in Dr Martens shops

Dr. Martens is a fashion retailer that can trace its heritage back to the early 1900s. The company, with its rich history, is stronger today than ever with more than 20 stores in the UK, as well as an expanding network of shops around the world. Although mostly known for its boots and shoes, Dr. Martens also sells clothing and a range of bags. The company prides itself on its strong sense of social responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit.

The Requirements

A few years ago, Dr. Martens saw an opportunity to improve their customer service while increasing the operational efficiency of their stores. They wanted to know the exact number of customers that walked into their shops, in order to calculate true conversion rates. Once they had a clear view, with real data, they would be able to do more efficient marketing and ensure they had the right amount of staff in the stores at all times.

The Solution

CountWise was asked to come up with a solution. The answer was NET-Count hardware including the I-Count function. The system is a sophisticated customer traffic management solution, with a camera placed at the entrance of each store.

I-Count counts, in real-time, the number of people entering and departing the stores. The system confirms customer arrival numbers, arrival patterns and the all-important customer abandonment levels. The technology is adaptive to environmental changes, such as light and shadows. It is unaffected by passive heat changes from air-conditioning and warm-air heating, thus providing a clear and true view of the customer traffic.

drmartens bootsKnowing when your customers are coming in helps you to schedule staff at the right time
Deborah Morgan, Retail Director
Dr Martens

drmartens shop

The Future

The cooperation with CountWise that started in 2012 has today developed into a partnership based on trust, where CountWise is installed in every new Dr. Martens shop.

Retail Director Deborah Morgan said: “We plan to continue our retail growth by opening stores in the UK, mainland Europe, and the US at a rate of more than one per month in 2016.”

Phil Tomlin, CountWise Account Manager for Dr Martens: “We are serious about security. All data generated by the CountWise system is stored on Dr. Martens’ corporate network, giving them complete and sole control over the information.”

Dr. Martens is just one example of how CountWise is assisting many retailers in the UK and around the world to accurately monitor customer traffic.