Case Study

big box

Well known Big Box Large Clothing Retail Chain

The Business’s Challenge:

The client had no visibility of customer traffic into their stores and wanted to improve the customer experience by providing increased customer service without increasing the costs associated.


CountWise Customer Traffic counting system delivered through a cloud hosted Business Intelligence reporting platform


  • Sales conversion ratios varied between stores by as much as 17%.
  • The solution highlighted multiple stores that clearly showed missed sales opportunities.
  • In addition, a number of trading exceptions were noted during the trading week.

Short Term Actions:

  • A sales conversion baseline was established for each store and KPI’s for that store established
  • The client chose to empower the store managers with sight of the data, in particular areas where the local manager could influence sales, these included stores peak traffic and peak sales hours.
  • The aligning of non-sales tasks to outside of the peak hours
  • Better alignment of staff to meet peak traffic and sales times throughout the trading day, delivering improved conversion rates and increasing sales.

Long Term Actions:

  • Align labor scheduling to meet traffic opportunities
  • Established corporate KPI’s and sales conversion goals by different store types
  • Deliver a measured service intensity aligned against sales conversion rates and staffing ratios

Short Term Results:

  • After 6 to 8 weeks the majority of underperforming stores improved their conversion ratios to be more in line with the chain average or better.
  • In addition, the average level and good performing stores improved their performance which aided the increase across the chain’s average conversion ration
  • Trading exceptions were reduced from 4 – 6 a week to 1-2 per week between traffic and peak sales hours

Long Term Results:

  • Optimized labor staffing to provide the service intensity required to improve customer service.
  • A clearly defined store level KPI set