Understanding the opportunity using Instore Analytics. Create, maintain and monitor KPI’s across the store portfolio gain insights into untapped opportunities in and around sales conversion, staffing and basket size improvement.

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Shopping Malls

Understanding consumer behavior is a critical discipline which needs to be mastered if you are to successfully pinpoint the key areas that currently generate the highest return on investment (ROI).


Mass Transport

Accurate monitoring of movements within a travel hub is imperative for many reasons including security, health and safety and monitoring of the retail opportunity.


Libraries & Museums

Government funded buildings including museums and public libraries rely heavily on grants for funding the various initiatives and operations within these institutions. The funding is usually justified by data showing the visitors these facilities receive in a given time period.


Financial Sector

Recent trends have seen an attraction to online services, If these trends continue, customers will see no need to enter branches, unless the human interaction gives them something they cant get online.


Leisure & Stadiums

Leisure facilities face numerous challenges in today’s competitive environment. By having more accurate and in-real-time knowledge of floor activity, decisions can be efficiently made to improve customer satisfaction, retail opportunities and overall profitability.

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Business Analytics

Understanding Business Analytics is critical ...

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Smarter Solutions

Smarter Solutions I - Count (Multi-zone, bi-directional pedestrian traffic counting) )Q - Count (The world's first multi-lane video-based platform) D - Count (Monitors overall desk activity during specific period) Z - Count (Tracks consumers while in the designated zone.